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 Healthyous is an online beauty and wellness-related community where blogs on all Health, Beauty, Diet, Fitness, Sports, Lifestyle, CBD, Dental and more hot Topics.

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Our Motto:

Making awareness:

● Making our readers aware of their health, both physiological in the inside well being and aesthetically appealing outwards too.

Proven proper guidance:

● We certainly give our readers our experience tryouts, share the results and encourage and guide them to the best life.

“A writer is a photographer of thoughts.”

– Unknown author

Your thoughts are precious when they can make somebody else’s life marvelous. So jot down all your thoughts and ideas of healthy & well-led life to us for our reader’s welfare.

Our Domain has,

● Health & Wellness

● Beauty Fashion

● Diet Nutrition

● Fitness & Yoga

● Gym & Sports

● Lifestyle

● Hot Topics


○ Dental

Our expectations:

● The writer should have published an article either on their own blog or other blogs.

● Interested in doing research and analysis of the given topic.

● A keen knowledge of our website and our reader’s mindset.

● Should have in-depth knowledge of the topic.

● Your article should mainly focus on the readers and their needs and interests.



You can write your article on any of the following article types,

Health & Wellness “write for us” “guest post.”

   This is not only content based on medical knowledge. We need you to talk to people through your article and engage them. We would appreciate receiving your articles based on these topics,

● Environmental quality

● Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and intellectual health.

● Stress

● Anxiety

● Sleep difficulties

● Cold, flu, sore throat

● Work burdens

● Internet / computer games

● Eating concerns & Body image

Beauty & Fashion” write for us guest post

●     Makeup– Bridal, celebrity, lip and eye makeup ideas and experiments with results.

Write your passion for beauty and the Fashion iconic article in the following categories,

● Mehandi designs

● Nail art

●     Haircare – oily, Dry hairs and hair growth, Dandruff, all types of hair treatment, hair colour, traditional ideas for hair care.

●     Skincare – oily and dry skin management, acne, beauty tips, face packs and masks.

● Hairstyles.

Diet & Nutrition “write for us” Guest post

   Make the readers get a clear understanding of what is Dieting, with nutritional elements by giving your article on these topics,

● Autotrophic Nutrition

● Heterotrophic Nutrition

● Carbohydrates, Proteins, Minerals, Fats, Vitamins, Dietary fibres, and Water.

Diet types- Ketogenic, Vegan, Intermittent, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Paleo, Optavia Diets.

Fitness & Yoga” write for us guest post

   We mainly focus on topics related to,

● Balanced diet

● Weight loss

●     Yoga – discussing the benefits of all different types, Yoga for weight loss, motivation,

●     Fitness- Endurance, Strength, Balance and Flexibility.

Gym & Sports Write for us  guest post

   Up-to-date sports events and people are very important for this category. The topics should cover,

Sports- Air, Ball, Board, Combat, Cycle Gymnastics, and ice sports.

● Invasion games

● Net games

● Fielding & Striking games

● Target games.

● Personal well being and development of sports.

Lifestyle write for us -guest post

   Giving the personal and professional experience and ideas of living tremendous life by giving your article in these ideas,

● Types- Active, Healthy, Bohemian, Nomadic, Solo and Rural lifestyles.

● Physical health.

● Family and relationship fulfilment

● Work and career prosperity

● Spiritual wellness

● Mental strength

Hot Topics write for us guest post.

  We accept all hot topics on current affairs.

CBD write for us guest post

○ Different types- Isolates, Full spectrum and Broad spectrum.

○ Brands, Products and Forms

Dental write for us guest post

○ Creating dental awareness for aesthetic and personal well being.

○ Oral hygiene

○ Aesthetic facial surgeries pros and cons

“Writing is an honorable gift.”

If you are gifted with this skill, healthyous surely needs your writing!!

Before starting to write for us+ guest posts,

Please read the Guidelines!!!

● Create your own content and information.

● Provide some actionable tips

● Content should be very neat and direct

● Paragraph length should be short. Three lines in a paragraph.

● The Word count would be great by 1000.

● No duplication is allowed.

● We value the only original creation.

● It should be free of plagiarism (it should be clean of Copy Scape checking).

● Follow up with needed resources, pictures, and videos.

● Stay clear of any copy-righted labels.

● No copy & pasting as well.

● Use a focus keyword in your article.

● Give your external & internal links, if any.

● Your contact details and an image is necessary for your author-bio.

● Add up a little resume of yours, so your readers can know about you.

● Headings & sub-headings are the major parts of displaying the content.

● Try to be friendly & communicative with the reader.

● Write step-wise for the articles that include procedures for some solution of marketing use.

● Keep the News-facts research handy.

● Write-up formatted in Word is mandatory.

● Proofread your content prior to submitting it to us.

Benefits for writers:

● Your link will be posted with an Author note. Thus you will get your own readers.

● After publishing your article, we post it on social media with Author credits.

● We’ll share your link with a Do-follow to the important pages of the article.

● Healthyous write for us guest post will surely be your Profile raiser.

Reach more readers by contributing to healthyous!!!

 By giving you this contributing opportunity, healthyous also benefit by an increase in our readers.

Ready to submit your write for us guest post,

Send an email to our mail-id regarding the title.

For submission, kindly send your article to


Then you have to wait for a short time for our approval and publishing.

Healthyous rights in publishing your article:

● Healthyous has all the rights to edit and change the images, links, and videos you share. We will send you the edited copy prior to publishing.

● No advertisements, Nes copies, or personal promotions allowed.

● Check with the guidelines before starting.

What do we expect from you after publishing your article?

●  Currently, we pay for any guest post.

● After publishing, we recommend you share it on your social media and all networks.

● Please take responsibility for responding to your comments on the blog.

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